Safety Manager

Safety Manager in Railway Safety

Often named or even required in regulations and guidelines: the Safety Manager.
But what exactly must the safety manager be able to do? What interfaces does he have in the company? Is the Safety Manager anchored in the project – or rather the staff position in the company? What is the real responsibility of the Safety Manager?

The role in the project or company, but also the understanding of the role of the safety manager varies depending on the company’s orientation. Operators, manufacturers and maintenance personnel set their own requirements – and the authority or the expert also sets standards.

From the experience of the last 10 years, we have compiled requirements of standardization, industry, associations and university and built this attractive training. Top-notch lecturers will present on current topics with a focus on rail safety.

Safety Manager

Safety Manager in Railway Safety


Requirements for the Safety Management System

Classification of the own organization
Improvement process

Among other things, these key points are also addressed:

  • Legal aspects in product safety
  • Safety methods
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
    • Safety Policy
    • Rolling out an SMS
    • Internal audit
    • Generic templates
    • “Safety” as a systematic performance of the organization
  • Regular reporting
  • Market observation
  • Audit of suppliers
  • Interfaces within the organization, e.g.
    • QM
    • Project / Product / Operation
    • Requirements and configuration
    • Escalation path
  • Interfaces outside the organization
    • Customer
    • Authority
    • Surveyor
    • Suppliers
  • Qualification
    • Conduct(-allow) trainings
    • Proof of competence
  • Technical supervisor Project or product safety engineer
  • Application
    • Production
      • Development
      • Product maintenance
    • Project
    • Operation
    • Maintenance
  • Testing

For whom:

Ideal for safety management (system) employees of manufacturers and operators.


2 x 5 days



Total cost:

Safety Manager Part 1: EUR 3.500,- excl. VAT (EUR 4.165,- incl. VAT)

Training costs: EUR 2,300 (excl. VAT) / Campus flat rate: EUR 1,200 (excl. VAT)

Safety Manager Part 2: EUR 3.500,- excl. VAT (EUR 4.165,- incl. VAT)

Training costs: EUR 2,300 (excl. VAT) / Campus flat rate: EUR 1,200 (excl. VAT)


Four nights each in a unique atmosphere incl. Breakfast
Catering during the training incl. Lunch and soft drinks
Networking in our lounge
In case of a common learning evening incl. dinner and non-alcoholic drinks.
Supervision by the training manager during the learning evenings


Part 1: 11.11.2024 – 15.11.2024
Part 2: 02.12.2024 – 06.12.2024

Part 1: 11.03.2024 – 15.03.2024
Part 2: 15.04.2024 – 19.04.2024

Gut Bielenberg

And of course by appointment.

VDB & SWISSRAIL members receive a
reduced total price in the amount of
EUR 3.155,- each excl. VAT (EUR 3.754,- incl. VAT)

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