Common safety method for risk evaluation and assessment

This training provides comprehensive knowledge of the common safety method for the evaluation and assessment of risks in accordance with Implementing Regulation EU No. 402/2013 together with EU No. 2015/1136.

This method is European law and is therefore required in all safety and approval processes of railroad vehicles and railroad infrastructure. The aim is to ensure a high level of safety in Europe or to improve it where necessary.

Common safety method for risk evaluation and assessment (CSM-RA)

Common safety method for risk evaluation and assessment (CSM-RA)

This training provides knowledge on how to perform a CSM-RA assessment, including significance testing and your own safety method. Based on this, the risk management process is taught and deepened using practical examples. You can bring your own case studies to the training.


Introduction CSM-RA
Terms and process flow (risk management procedures)

Significant changes
Own safety method
Risc Acceptance Principles
Discussion of case studies
Risk analysis according to CENELEC EN 50126 / 50129 for explicit risk estimation
Deepening of the roles (e.g. of the proposer or the independent assessment body)

For whom:

Ideal for safety and regulatory management staff.


2 days



Total cost:

EUR 1.540.- excl. VAT
(EUR 1.833,- incl. VAT)

Training costs: EUR 1,012 (plus VAT) and campus flat rate: EUR 528 (plus VAT)


An overnight stay in a unique atmosphere incl. Breakfast
Catering during the training incl. Lunch and soft drinks
Networking in our lounge
At a possibly common learning evening incl. Dinner and soft drinks.
Supervision by the training manager during the learning evenings


15.10.2024 – 16.10.2024
Gut Bielenberg

And of course by appointment.

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