Der Beirat - v. l. n. r.: Christian Mängel, Guido Fiefstück, Alexander Milosavljević, Lars Lange, Lars Müller, Marco Brey

f. l. t. r.: Christian Mängel, Guido Fiefstück, Alexander Milosavljević, Lars Lange, Lars Müller, Marco Brey

Education meets industry, operation and assessment: Rail Safety Campus forms advisory board with renowned members

The newly formed, top-class advisory board of the Rail Safety Campus deals with future training topics. Based on the individual experiences of the Advisory Board members, each has a focus on and contributes to needs, research and development of rail safety related topics. The Rail Safety Campus offers German- and English-language training courses that provide in-depth expertise in the field of (functional) safety and approval.

As a platform for the exchange of safety topics, (inter-)national safety network and promoter of the safety culture, the advisory board of the Rail Safety Campus combines the theoretical fundamentals (contents of standards, methods, technologies) with application examples from practice. Advisory board members will meet two to three times a year.

Faculty have outstanding expertise in education, industry, operations, consulting, and peer review. The advisory board of the Rail Safety Campus includes:

  • Lars Müller, Head of the Test Services Business Line at DB Systemtechnik GmbH
  • Guido Fiefstück, Managing Director at Railway Approvals Germany GmbH
  • Christian Mängel, Head of Safety at Stadler Deutschland GmbH and spokesman of the RAMS working group in the German Railway Industry Association (Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland)
  • Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Math. Marco Brey, Professor for Track Guided Transportation Systems at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Salzgitter and Dean of Studies for Transportation and Logistics
  • Lars Lange, Managing Director at InterEngineer GmbH
  • Alexander Milosavljević, Managing Director at InterEngineer GmbH and Rail Safety Campus GmbH

The Advisory Board’s objectives include advancing research and development in rail safety, increasing market acceptance, and providing impetus for commercial and legislative strengthening.

Two newly created qualifications are also forward-looking:

After participation in the training and successful completion of the examination, the specialists have the necessary knowledge and application skills in their field.

Validation Engineer

The five-day Validation Engineer training course takes into account the importance of the updated DIN EN 50126:2018 standard, shows the more strongly emphasized weighting of validation, and imparts sound knowledge in this regard. The requirements of the standard that are now in place are dealt with in the training and assigned to the corresponding concrete actions.

Verification methods and activities are addressed in the context of validation. In addition, the interfaces to functional safety are considered and the understanding of roles is sharpened. The door model of a local transport vehicle with a Selectron safety computer is available in the laboratory for practical implementation of what has been learned. Contents include: Validation plan; Validation report; Target statements; Hazardlog and safety features; Strategies for saving time, resources and costs without weakening necessary statements.

Safety Manager

Safety Manager
training course of the Rail Safety Campus comprises two five-day sessions and is based on the requirements of standardization, industry, associations and the university. Top-notch lecturers present on current topics with a focus on rail safety. Among others: legal aspects in product safety, safety methods and safety management system, reporting, audit of suppliers, interfaces inside and outside the organization as well as qualification and testing.

The basis of the training content is the Railway Safety Directive 2016/798 in combination with requirements from product safety and the guideline “Requirements for the safety management system for safety certification or safety approval”.

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